Wizards Of Ops Community Guide

Ready to share your Wizard of Ops membership with the world? With this step-by-step guide, you can add the Wizards of Ops community to your LinkedIn profile.

  1. Go to your Linkedin profile.
  2. Click the “+” to add experience. (example below)
  3. Create a new experience for WizOps.
  4. Copy and paste the description from below, or add your own. 
  5. Publish!

Title: Member

Company: Wizards of Ops

Location: [Your location]

Start Date: [when you joined the community]

Description: Wizards of Ops is the best Slack community for operations professionals to gather, question, and share their expertise. With over 800 members and 350 companies represented, WizOps functions as a community to get advice, accolades, and dive into the sorcery of everyday operations conundrums. As a bonus, the WizOps community is ops-only, making it easier for our members to do good work and get the job done.

Announcing you are part of Wizards of Ops:

We have created a social templated for you to make sharing even easier! 

Proud to announce that I am officially a Wizard (Of Ops)! Wizards of Ops is a Slack community where operations professionals gather, give advice, and participate in IM etiquette daily. Thanks @WizardsofOps for the connections made and the lessons learned! So happy to be a part of the magic!

Custom Badges

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