Navigating the 7 “C’s” to Keep Your Salesforce Tech Stack Afloat


When your sales team has a high functioning Salesforce tech stack they’re instantly more efficient at driving revenue. But as an Ops pros, you’ll likely have to navigate some pretty rough waters to get to this point.

We’re talking uncharted customer journeys…mismanaged data…and broken integrations that would make you go off course. These are just a few of the hurdles that may be hindering your team’s productivity, outstanding customer experience, or worse– impacting revenue.

Not to fret… The WizOps team is joining forces with UserGems, Nue, and Operatus to help you stay above water in our next Webinar, “Navigating the 7 “C’s” to Keep Your Salesforce Tech Stack Afloat.”

Watch this powerhouse panel as we discuss these 7 key concepts for effectively managing Salesforce and supporting your GTM team:

1️⃣ Customer journey mapping
2️⃣ Consolidating your tech stack
3️⃣ Controlling your data
4️⃣ Implementing a change management process
5️⃣ Having clarity into your data flow across your tech stack
6️⃣ Being compliant
7️⃣ Having streamlined collaboration & communication


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