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It’s time to unite.

It’s not easy being an operations wizard, but it’s definitely more fun with friends. At Wizards of Ops (aka #WizOps), we wanted to create the best place to meet other people just like us — no need to explain what we do and why we do it, just a great community to get advice, accolades, and dive into the sorcery of our everyday conundrums. That’s why you’ll find lots of experts, lots of memes, and even more industry know-how in our dedicated Slack channel, and not a single sales rep. Questions?

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A helpful place to solve common problems.

What started as a small group of friends solving ops challenges has grown into a global community of almost 4,000 members. Hear from our founder, Brad Smith, about what makes WizOps so special. Learn more about:

  • Where we’re headed
  • What the community means to us
  • Why we’re passionate about ops
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We ask that you follow

a few simple rules.


No solicitation or selling.

To maintain an honest and open space for all members,
we have a zero-tolerance policy for selling or pitching your products or ideas.

Share openly and often.

WizOps is a place to learn from others and help them to grow.
Contribute your ideas and knowledge, elevate helpful conversations,
and be a champion for others’ work, findings, and content when it is of
value to the community.

Be respectful of other members.

Everybody is at a different step in their Ops career.
Every question is valid and valuable, use your comments as an opportunity to
help others grow. Always be supportive!

Protect our place and keep it tidy.

A lot of us already spend our days sifting through chaos, so don’t
let our community channels go the way of an overburdened Salesforce org.
Make it easy to discover new learnings by directing all conversations to the correct channel.

Engage with the community.

You’re a wizard with a wealth of knowledge… show it off!
Register as a member on LinkedIn, lend some insight into the slack group
or help somebody find their next adventure.

The “Brad Clause”.

There are some posts that may not technically violate a particular rule, but just
don’t feel right in our community. Some things just aren’t relevant, and we’re careful
to avoid exclusionary language or divisive opinions that don’t serve our community.
We may choose to remove posts that we feel risk the quality of WizOps.


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Ask questions, get feedback, and bring your ideas to a community that understands exactly what you’re talking about, whether it’s troubleshooting a Salesforce obstacle or just shooting the shit about SWAG. Whatever it is, we’ve got years of combined expertise to help you riddle it out.

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