One of the perks of working with Salesforce is the massive community that comes with it. Seventy-three percent of Salesforce pros say sharing knowledge in the community helps them feel Salesforce “Ohana.” Ohana is the support system that Salesforce nurtures both in and outside the company. Through Salesforce communities and forums, you can connect with like-minded professionals from around your city or around the globe. 

There are thousands of Salesforce communities out there, and we created WizOps specifically for revenue operations professionals. What started out as a conversation between three RevOps leaders has grown into a burgeoning community of ops “wizards” who help each other grow, solve problems, and have fun. Here’s how to make the most of the community.


Why professional communities matter

Though membership is down for many traditional organizations, communities built around brands and businesses (like Salesforce user groups and Salesforce customer communities) are booming. These communities create a sense of connectedness, belonging, and meaning, especially when centered around work. 

They allow you to build deeper relationships with peers and the businesses you interact with. Instead of merely performing transactions with these businesses, you can find people to relate to and work collaboratively to solve common problems. 

Online communities, where the community is the focal point, as opposed to the open “town square” feel of social media, offer users more engaging experiences. Compared to social media, users of online communities are:

  • 36% more likely to say they have meaningful conversations.
  • 28% more likely to say they are respected by others.
  • 18% more likely to say they have a sense of belonging.

Because of these benefits, online Salesforce community groups and forums are thriving. Whether you’re a Salesforce consultant, developer, or just a power user, you can find your niche and connect with like-minded people.


Paving the revenue operations career path together

Finding like-minded  people is especially important when you work in a fast-paced, burgeoning field like revenue operations. Between 2021 and 2022, the number of companies with a revenue operations function increased 15%, and 11% of businesses plan to adopt it in the next year. The people filling those roles come from various backgrounds, ranging from sales to DevOps, and every level of experience. There’s no blueprint for working in revenue operations or building out a team. Peer-to-peer support helps you navigate unknown waters.

By connecting with other revenue operations professionals, we can help one another solve day-to-day challenges and pave the way forward. This is especially important for RevOps professionals who are an army of one at their company, or who are on a small team that’s still establishing itself in the business.


WizOps is where revenue operations pros belong

WizOps was created to bring revenue operations professionals together. Our free Slack community was started in 2019 by revenue operations leaders Brad Smith, Mitchell Blanchard, and Todd Giddens. They were part of a growing group of friends who would chat about their day-to-day Salesforce problems. Eventually, the group outgrew text and email, so they took their conversations to Slack. Watch Brad tell the story below:

Today, WizOps is a Salesforce community with more than 4,000 members who represent more than 2,500 companies. Members have all levels of experience, from entry-level to executive. The goal is to bring like-minded professionals together to share RevOps best practices, network, and have fun. Here’s how:

  • Provide support in elevating each other’s careers.
    This is a fast-growing field, with a career path like no other. From career tips to revenue operations jobs, we help our fellow ops professionals find where they fit in and grow. 
  • Help each other problem-solve.
    Sometimes you come up against a conundrum that you just can’t solve on your own. The WizOps community is here to help you crowdsource a solution.
  • Navigate Salesforce more effectively and use our wizardry for good.
    There’s always something new to learn with Salesforce. By sharing tricks and tips with each other, we all become better at using it.

What you can find on WizOps

WizOps has more than 60 channels on Slack, with topics that range from professional to personal. For general professional discussions, check out #jobpostings, #events, and #Salesforce. You can dive deeper into your specialty on #SalesOps, #MarketingOps, and #CSOps. When you want to get a bit more personal, there’s #peloton, #memes, and #podcasts.

We also host shOPS Talk, a webinar series featuring interviews with other ops professionals from the Salesforce community. Topics include career advice and discussions about technology, processes, and creating the right revenue operations team structure.

On the WizOps blog, you can find articles on revenue operations best practices from fellow ops wizards. We get into the weeds on topics like lead scoring and CPQ strategies. We’re always accepting new contributions from other members of the WizOps community. So, if you’ve got some wisdom that you’d like to share, we’d love to have it on WizOps.


How Sonar helps revenue operations professionals

We live and breathe revenue operations. In fact, one of WizOps’ founders, Brad Smith, is the co-founder of Sonar, a Change Intelligence solution that helps ops teams work faster while reducing risk. 

Sonar’s story began in 2018, when Brad and his colleague, Jack McGlinchey, realized just how much lack of insight into their tech stacks caused downstream issues. When processes would break unexpectedly, it slowed them down and reduced trust with their stakeholders. Together, they decided to come up with a solution that would solve this all-too-familiar problem. 

Today, revenue operations teams rely on Sonar to manage change more effectively and provide resources to help them work smarter. 

Access more RevOps best practices

Sonar’s revenue operations resources complement what you’ll find on WizOps, ranging from technical advice to big-picture strategic thinking. Here are some of our favorite articles and guides:

Along with our internal experts, we also team up with partners from the broader Salesforce community. For example, our webinars and podcasts feature guests from Salesforce Ben and RevGenius, just to name drop a couple. 

Spend more time on strategic work

Beyond our resources, Sonar helps revenue operations professionals work better and faster by filling a gap in your toolkit. With Sonar, you can see the connections in your tech stack and make more informed decisions before making changes. 

  • Revenue operations teams can get a clear view into the entire tech stack to make changes faster, and with more confidence. This allows you to spend less time putting out fires and more time on strategic work.
  • Salesforce admins can gain greater visibility into data dependencies and integrations, understand the impact of change, and stay on top of issues like broken validation rules. 
  • GTM leaders can use Sonar to prioritize work, improve accuracy, and work faster.

Sonar gives you confidence when making changes to your tech stack, allowing you to reduce the time you spend putting out fires and increase trust with stakeholders and leadership. That frees you up to focus on more strategic projects.


Sonar + WizOps help revenue operations pros thrive

It’s an exciting time to be in revenue operations. With Salesforce communities like WizOps you can connect with the action. And with platforms like Sonar you can spend more time on shaping your revenue operations strategy. If you’re already a member of WizOps, then you’re right where you need to be. (And if you’re not a member, what are you waiting for?) 

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