WizOps War Stories (WoWS): Oh Sh*! Moments From Ops Leaders & How to Avoid Them


Breaking GTM workflows… deleting years of CRM data… accidentally sending “test” emails to your master contact list.

Oh yeah… we’ve all had an #OhSh!t moment that led to a sleepless night or very long weekend.

And, if you’re wiping the sweat from your brow just thinking about your own Ops war stories, you aren’t alone.

Unfortunately, these moments are just a part of the job.

And while you can’t swear off never making a mistake again, you can learn from the blunders to prevent future scar tissue.

That’s why in this #shOPStalk, we’re sharing our Wizards of Ops war stories and more importantly– laying out our battle plan that ultimately helped us win the fight. You’ll hear chronicles of:

→ Accidentally removing 3 years worth of Revenue
→ Referencing the wrong queue deleting all records via Salesforce API
→ Turning 6,000 Social Security numbers into Morse Code

Watch this judgment-free session as we share our battle scars and help you avoid the nightmares we’ve experienced ourselves!


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