Ops Influencers Speak Up: Top 2023 Industry Predictions

It’s a confusing time for many of us in the industry. What we’re hearing is that RevOps is now the most in-demand job in the U.S… but what we’re feeling is tightening of our budgets and increased pressure to hit revenue targets. That’s why we’re gathering the industry’s leading Ops influencers to discuss how to thrive amidst this year’s most pressing challenges.


Ops leaders are having to get creative with their time and resources, while being pushed to hit growing revenue targets. In a moment of “having to do more with less” we’re pulling together the industry’s leading Ops influencers to discuss what’s on the horizon for this year, and how to start building processes now to ensure long term success.  

Our all-star panel includes:

  • Nick Bryner, SF Lead @ Security Metrics
  • Erol Toker, Founder and CEO @ Truly.co
  • Brad Smith, Co-Founder and CEO @Sonar 
  • Erik Lopez, Global CRM and Sales Business Systems Technical Lead @Jellysmack 
  • Kystal Diel, Senior Consultant @Cortado Group  
  • Sara Bush, Sr. Director of RevOps @Revenue.io 

During the discussion you’ll learn all about this year’s top predictions, including:  

  • How to Increase Revenue with Decreasing Budgets 
  • Evolving Roles & Responsibilities RevOps, Admins & Business Systems Will Be Taking On
  • Integrating Low-Code Tools and AI Like ChatGPT Into Your Strategy 
  • How to Increase Speed & Agility Through Enhanced Automation 
  • What RevOps Specific Tools You’ll Need In Order to Compete 
  • Continued M&A growth and the pressure of compliance and governance mandates

You won’t want to miss this conversation! Tune in to this shOPSTalk!


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