Hubspot CRM: Hype or Reality?


In RevOps, there are three things we never discuss: Religion… politics… and whether Salesforce or Hubspot is a better CRM.

Many of us feel strongly: We either bleed blue…. or we bleed orange.

And in our experience, many RevOps pros are Salesforce loyalists– and for good reasons. But there is just no denying anymore… Hubspot CRM has become a true competitor in recent years.

In this webinar, we’re opening up the floodgates to discuss:

→ Why more organizations are staying on Hubspot vs. transitioning to Salesforce
→ What the RevOps talent pool looks like for Hubspot
→ How companies are leveraging Salesforce & Hubspot together
→ Considerations when picking a CRM for your long-term business needs.

And more!

Whether your Team Salesforce or Team Hubspot, we can all agree on one thing. Each business has to select the best tools for their unique needs.

You don’t want to miss this heated conversation… watch now!


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