Point Solutions for RevOps are Dead: The Future is Horizontal


Ready to think differently about your tech stack?

We’re in a world where companies have to do more with LESS. But, RevOps teams are still getting weighed down by clunky point solutions that were brought in to solve ONE solution for ONE team, but need TEN other disconnected tools to solve the downstream problems of that one tool.

The result? Tech stack fatigue for RevOps teams. Revenue leak. Disconnected teams and customer journeys. And, an unhappy CFO.

In this webinar, we will explore the reasons why standalone tech solutions are not enough to effectively manage the complexities of modern RevOps (think: your CPQ tool that sits outside of your CRM) – from data silos and inefficient workflows, to limited scalability and disconnected data across sales, CX, and finance.

Our panelists will share:

  • Examples that illustrate the potential disasters that can unfold when point solutions become the sole backbone of your sales operations.
  • What a more integrated solution looks like, and what that means for the day-to-day of RevOps teams: across processes, collaboration, customer experience, and data expertise
  • How a more integrated tech stack puts RevOps in a more strategic seat (and gets the buy-in of the CFO!)

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