Top Salesforce Hacks for Leveling up Efficiency and Creating a Better User Journey


Growth at all costs is no longer the battle cry heading into 2023. Instead revenue efficiency is now the gold standard. In a low growth environment, leaders are looking at $1 of additional revenue gained, without additional cost, an exponential return. 

So who does this shift really affect? Your RevOps team. This is where they thrive, this is the real ROI of RevOps. 

In a time where these leaders are having to do more with less, we’ve put together this Webinar to highlight “Expert hacks for leveling up Salesforce efficiency and creating a better User Journey”

Join these pros as they share tips and tricks that can generate huge gains for any team focused on driving efficiency this year. Highlights include: 

→ Implement Dynamic Forms & Conditional Visibility

→ Customize Quick Actions

→ Integrating Datatables in Screen Flows

→ Optimizing Subscription Management 

→ Expediting Opp Approvals with Slack

Ready to level up your org and help your company’s budget go further? This is a session you won’t want to miss.


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