Zoom is living its best life in 2020, and we’re here for it — so much so that our founder, Brad Smith, decided to launch a Zoom series all about the exciting world of operations. It’s called shOPS Talk, and it’s hosted by the ops trifecta: Wizards of Ops, Sonar, and Salesforce. This isn’t any old Zoom call, though — with each episode, you’ll be treated to a variety of cohosts, topics, and lively discussions, and more. Here’s what you need to know, and why you won’t want to miss our latest episodes of shOPS Talk.  

What is shOPS Talk?

Sure, shOPS Talk is an original Zoom series, but it’s not just any series — it’s about the latest and greatest in the world of operations. What’s different about it, you ask? On shOPS Talk, you can help us choose our upcoming guests, contribute to and take part in the conversation, and have your biggest ops questions answered by our rotating panel of experts. 

shOPS Talk is the show for you if you’re asking questions about:

  • The world of operations
  • If operations professionals should fight for bonuses
  • Handling territory planning
  • Getting a job in sales ops
  • Literally ANYTHING about operations — nothing is off the table!

How do I watch shOPS Talk?

Watching shOPS Talk is just about as easy as logging into your Netflix account. Simply head over to our shOPS Talk website and click “register” to attend. You will then receive a Zoom link via email. It’s really that easy — and did we mention, it’s free? You can thank us later.

Our first episode, The Path of a Wizard: From Sales to Ops, aired on October 8 and was guest-hosted by Manas Kulkarni, Revenue Operations Manager at CB Insights. We discussed how to break into the field of operations, what kind of background is suited to this career path, what skills you need for these roles, and how you can ultimately be successful. Upcoming episodes include:

  • October 22: Sh*t Sales Ops People Should Know with Ben Fuller, Strategic Systems Manager at SaaSOptics
  • November 5: Special Edition: State of Sales Ops with Jen Whalen, Director of Product Marketing at Salesforce

Missed an episode? Not to worry — you can watch previous shOPS Talk episodes here. You can also join in on the conversation via the WizOps slack channel or on social media by using the hashtag #shOPSTalk. 

Who is this Brad Smith guy, and why should I listen to him? 

If you’re already a member of the WizOps community, you’ve probably heard of Brad Smith. He’s a pretty cool dude, but more importantly, he knows all there is to know when it comes to the ops world. He’s the founder and host of shOPS Talk, the founder of WizOps, and he also happens to be the CEO and co-founder of Sonar, a change management platform designed to make things easier by improving process, communication, and documentation for cross-functional teams. 

Catch Brad Smith and our other experts on shOPS Talk, and be sure to join us from wherever you work for news, tips, and tricks in the world of operations.